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Alice in Wonderland card collection

Hey guys, I posted this on my LJ and I thought you guys would be interested. It's sort of a review of different Alice-themed card decks I own. All of the illustrations are based on the original Tenniel ones.

The three packs are: a Tarot deck, a card game and a regular pack of playing cards.

Wonderland Tarot: Got it today! Some of the illustrations are too flat and the block colours don't really help that. Some of the other illustrations a downright dodgy. However clearly a lot of thought has gone into the content and symbolism of each card to make sure it corresponds with card meanings. As someone who is very familiar with Alice and only mildly interested in Tarot, I found this pack to be the ones that resonates the best with me. Suits have become Flamingos (swords), Peppermills (wands), Hats (Cups) and Oysters (Coins). The style is heavily influenced by the Raider-Waite deck.

Selection from Major Arcana:

Trumps from Minor Arcana. Kudos to them for putting the corresponding playing card decks on the side. Although I'm not sure what C is meant to stand for with the Knights since it doesn't exist anymore...

Sadly I was super excited by the existence of these two cards that have nothing to do with the deck.

I was also disappointed with the backs of the cards. The only description I can give is "uninspired".

Alice in Wonderland Game: This is a children's game a bit like Go Fish where you have to make up sets of cards. I think my copy is pretty old but the game has subsequently been republished. It uses almost entirely all of Tenniel's orginal illustrations, unlike the Tarot deck which modifies and adds bits of meaning. The extra illustrations are simple, but mimic the style well. The colouring of the cards is pretty dodgy though - the colours aren't flat, but the brightness and the way they've mixed the primary colours to run into each other... I mean the huge puppy is bright red for godsake.

A selection of sets:

In contrast, I looove the silhouettes on the back of the cards:

Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards: This is the only one I bought new from The White Rabbit store which I visited when I was travelling down the coast of California. I wanted to buy so many things there, especially the backward pocket watches, but only ended up getting this deck and a couple of art cards.

In terms of illustration and colouring, this is the nicest deck by far. Images used are high resolution from Tenniel and whoever coloured this did an excellent job. I suspect that many of the images were given touchups as well. What's even better is that every card has a little quote from the books.

A selection:

Backs are not as nice as the card game but at least they put a bit more effort into it than the Tarot people.

If you want to see a particular picture of a card I'd be happy to oblige!
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