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Alice In Wonderland Awards

Hello, everyone!

This summer, I've decided to put together a sort of fandom awards cerimony for the various adaptations of Alice in Wonderland. However, I need your help, if you're willing!

First of all, although this isn't nessisary at all, I would love to have an Alice-themed LJ layout for the site. If not, a banner encompasing various adaptations would be wonderful as well. So if anyone out there is more graphic-savvy than I and is willing to help with this, I would be oh-so gratefuly!

Secondly, I'm still putting together the categories and the adaptations I should draw from. So far, the "essential" Alice In Wonderland adaptations I've gotten are:
  • The 1951 Disney film adaptation
  • The 1999 film adaptation
  • SyFy's 2009 mini-series adaptation
  • Tim Burton's 2010 film adaptation
  • American McGee's video game Alice and Alice: Madness Returns
  • The upcoming Broadway musical Wonderland
I tried to vary my sources and go with more well-known adaptations, but are there any other ones that people feel should be included? I'll probably be asking people's opinions on the Award's site (once it's created) about nominations as this moves forward.

And finally, moderators, if a post like this isn't allowed, please tell me and I'll take it down right away.

Thank you!
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